Service Packages

Commonwealth Growth puts together bespoke service packages for trade delegations which open doors to political, business and cultural opportunities throughout the Commonwealth.

As a team, Commonwealth Growth strive to provide both our British and Commonwealth clients a full spectrum of FDI and international trade services.

We provide services ranging from consultancy to becoming your in-market representative. Whatever the service required, Commonwealth Growth will support and empower your foreign direct investment objectives.

Commonwealth Growth offer services to national state and provincial level trade and investment departments to host a spectrum of events and seminars.

With over a decade of experience in export growth, investments and business opportunities and strategies, Commonwealth Growth was formed exclusively to support economic growth and prosperity within, and between, the members of the Commonwealth and the United States.

We aim to offer market-leading advice on international growth and expansion, whilst supporting our clients from start to finish. We do this through facilitating inward and outward trade and investment, organising and providing logistical support for trade delegations and assisting with dialogue and discussion.

Our bespoke service packages include:

  • Introductions to political leadership
  • Introductions to trade and industry associations
  • In-market briefings and training seminars, covering topics including legal, accounting, banking, corporate governance and business law
  • Pre-qualified meetings with customer opportunities
  • Briefing packs for each trade delegate company
  • VIP event access and free-time support